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have lost the legitimacy to govern an the people of libya have made themselves clear. it is time for gadhafi to go. now. without further violence or delay. >> and in hollywood, oscar crowns a new king. >> the measured response to it seems to be very, very personal. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president obama is meet wging with the nation's governors at the white house. facing $175 billion in accumulated state deficits. the president countered with a challenge and an offer. >> i also share your concern about medicaid costs. we understand the pressure you're understood. we understand that we've got to do more. i'm asking you to name a bipartisan group of governors to work with secretary sebelius on ways to lower costs and improve
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the quality of care for these americans. >> john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent. a lot going on at the white house today. the president taking his toughest stance yet in favor of the unions, but also offering some concessions to the governors. >> an interesting balance the president struck there, andrea. on medicaid, what he says he wants a bipartisan group of governor, what doesn't want to happen is governors facing budget crunches seek waivers to throw people off the medicaid rule. so he's looking for ways both sides can agree on. that's a hedge against developments he doesn't want to happen cht he also offered them the ability that will allow them to opt out of some of the mandates from the health care law earlier than the 2017, which is called for in the law. that's an interesting thing because one of the things that states would opt out on was that individual mandate, which is
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under threat in the courts. wuf the president standing up with public employees saying what we don't want is to vilify public employees or make teachers try to hire good teachers for much less than the private sector would bear. that was a defense those unions had been wanting to hear. >> there are 28 states at least that have now joined the challenge and the appeal at least for an expedited supreme court ruling. we saw pictures a minute ago of the president and governor in black tie. that's because they had their annual dinner, equivalance lent of a state dinner for the governors. that's showing that they were wining and dining them also before the working session today where he made those offers. >> exactly. he's trying to find some places to work together. while there's all this fighting between republicans and democrat over budgets in the state capitals and in washington, he's looking for common ground. one of the things he emphasized today is infrastructure. i just left a briefing by bill
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mcinturf and peter harp, who have a new survey out showing there is bipartisan support even from tea party types for increased spening on infrastructure. the question of course is how you pay for it. that's one of the things everybody's fighting about in washington and the states. >> to put you on the spot for a second, i don't know what bill and peter have been doing in their polling today, but do they have any data on how people view this stand off in wisconsin? the whole issue of a people's public employee union and whether governors have the right to refeez to negotiate? >> haven't seen data on those points yet. i do think the unions have put themselves in the best position to weather this fight by conceding the financial elements, holding firm for the right to organize, but it's a reality in this country that unions have been on the defensive for some time.
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that's why public employee unions have emerged as the strength of the union movement because private sector unions are on the defensive. they need to lower costs to pete internationally. that's one of the challenges these union lead rs have having right now. >> thanks to john harwood. appreciate it. >> you bet. and round one of the budget battle on capitol hill. the house and senate run in an hour after making some progress on a short-term spending plan to avoid a government shutdown. senate democrats are now backing a two-week deal that includes $4 billion in cuts. what will happen two week frs now? democratic senator kent conrad is chairman of the budget committee and joins me now and has been part of these negotiations. thanks so much. let's review the bidding here. is this just a two-week delay in
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the inevitable, which would be a shut down, or are you making progress on some of the real disagreements down the road? >> that remains to be scene. i hope we avoid a shut down. that would be irresponsible. we have to make more cuts. we have a debt now that is too high. 100% of the gross domestic product of the country. we're borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend. we're going to have to cut more. we're going to have to have tax reform. we've got a full plate here. >> the white house spokesman jay carney wouldn't say president obama would sign this two-week deal. is he keeping his options open? their point is it sends uncertain signals to the market. do you have any doubt the president would seen this two-week deal? he doesn't want to be blamed for
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a shutdown. >> i think if the pay fors are reasonable and make sense, the president will sign it. i can't speak for him. i assume he would sign it. the larger question, this is we're talking about several billion dollars. but as you know, we've got a $1.5 trillion deficit for this year. we have a debt now over $14 trillion. so, you know, this is really a side show compared to what has to be confronted, which is this long-term debt threat. >> well, this is the house speaker was talking about this and he really put it to the democrats and to the white house to take the stand. this is what he had to say. >> we have a moral responsibility to address the problems that we face. and that means working tot to cut spending and to reign in government. not shutting it down.
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they label as pain even our most modest efforts to restore a more moral fiscal policy. what truly will cause pain and suffering is the status quo. doing nothing and leaving our debt on its unsustainable and immoral path. >> have the democrats been sort of recognized the immorality to use his phrase of the government spending? >> no, i think not. it's a good speech by the speaker, but the problem is when he had a chance an his representatives had the chance in the president's commission to back a plan that would reduce the deficit $4 trillion, five of the six house represents all voted no. every single one of the house republicans voted no including the house budget chairman. republican budget chairman. the president's representatives, five of the six voted yes. in the senate, five of the six senate representatives voted yes.
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if the house republicans had matched their words with deeds, we would be on a path to get the debt under control. unfortunately, they all voted no. >> now, when it comes to long-term commitments, you've mentioned an entitlement reform. clearly, that has to happen. now, we're on the margins of the 12% of the budget that is not off limits. but time geithner in a briefing with us said he didn't think this was any near term need to do anything about entitlements. down the road, yes, but near term, it was more important to deal with immediate deficit cuts. is the white house too reluctant to take this on? >> i can only speak for myself. look, i simply disagree with the secretary on this issue. the fiscal commission, we took it all on.
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entitlemen entitlements, tax reform, substantial cuts to domestic spending including defense. and 11 of the 18 of us agreed including five of the six representatives of the president. so they stood up when it counted to put together a plan to reduce the debt $4 trillion. trillion with the "t," over the next ten years. that would put us on a very sound course going forward. that's what's required and again, it was house republicans who voted unanimously against that plan. and that's what we're going to have to go. we're going to have to have both sides come together to get this debt under control. >> your gang of six, the bipartisan group of senators has been meeting to come wup a plan. the you give us some sense of the specifics you're willing to suggest with all of the authority that your team has
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behind it? >> well, our group of six, three democrats, three republicans, including four who are members of the commission joined by senator chambliss of georgia and warner of virginia, have met for week, will meet again tomorrow morning. we have an agreement. nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. tomorrow's meeting is very important. >> is there going to be some entitlement reform, some attack on entitlements as part of this package? >> everything is on the table and we've really got two approach approaches. one is along the lines of the fiscal commission. the other is a back-up plan to encourage congress to adopt a comprehensive plan. real consequences if congress fails. and as i say, conclusions have not yet been reached and tomorrow as i say, is an important meeting. >> is tomorrow the decisive
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meeting? do you think you'll be coming out with something after tomorrow or will tomorrow be -- will you be learning tomorrow whether it's a g or no go for something real? >> we will know a lot better tomorrow. what progress we're making. we have really a comprehensive review tomorrow morning. i don't think it's des positive. i don't think that's the end of the story. something of this complexity may take additional time. >> come back. give us the results when you have them. thank you so much. coming up next, the walls are closing in on libya's embattled dictator. our new daytime lineup kicks off today -- don't miss us. martin bashir's new show
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governments that turn their guns on their own people have no place in this chamber. we will continue to explore all possible options for action. as we have said, nothing is off the table. so long as the libyan government continues to threaten and kill libyans. >> secretary of state hillary clinton of course, she's in geneva today calling for more international pressure on libya. we're getting word the united states military is repositioning its forces in the area in case it is called on to intervene. right now, the fight to remove
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gadhafi is in and around tripoli, but in the east, rebels are trying to piece together a post gadhafi government. stephanie gosk is life near rebel headquarters. they really have managed to organize themselves quickly, especially given the fact there was little organized opposition in libya before this happened. >> well, they are working on it. i wouldn't say they're quite there yet. actually, the government, the interim government you've been hearing about is being organized by the former justice minister, you may remember resigned in protest over the violence. he is the one organizing this government saying it's the only legitimate government until gadhafi steps down. but there's also the municipal government here. this is one of the first major cities to follow. libya's second largest city. they're doing what they can to get the city back up on its feet
1:17 pm
to open up banks, to distribute food. there's another operation underway as well here that's the organization of the rebel forces. we've seen young men enlisted to join that force. they're being armed and trained. being trained at the base that cell to rebel forces here. there was a fire fight there. over night. it was an intense battle. eventually rebel forces overtook the military and a lot of the military actually sides with them by the end and looted that base. >> and we certainly saw efforts by the gadhafi regime over the weekend to try to leave western journalists and show off what they said was the fact they still retained control. we saw that backfired. jim maceda was with a group that ran right into a rebel stronghold putting the lies of what gadhafi was putting out. what is the likelihood that
1:18 pm
gadhafi can hang on and consolidate whatever power is left even as he's become encircled? >> i think there is a tendency to underestimate how powerful he is and a period of relative quiet we've seen does not necessarily mean that he's weakened cht we don't know how big his forces are. you have the military that still remain loyal to him. also parra military forces and these plain clothed policemen patrolling the streets of tripoli and a lot of weapons. we've seen them go after the town taking over by opposition forces days ago. we've also had an arms depot near benghazi bombed today obviously in an effort to keep those arms away from the
1:19 pm
opposition. i think it's a little early to count gadhafi out of this fight. >> from your perspective there, do you have any way of analyzing what the effectiveness would be of a no fly zone? there's a lot of debate going on in nato and united nations. u.s. officials saying it would be very difficult, not that effective. and that there haven't been a lot of evidence he's been using his air power to bomb civilians. that would be one of the tests before allies go in. is there any sense from the opposition leaders? >> walking around here and talking to people, they say they're not nervous about his forces coming in on the ground. they think they have the city perfectly protected. they are very scared he might bomb from the air. they have absolutely no defense to those air force jets that could come in here. they know, or say they've come in the past and we've had two reports of planes that actually had pilots that defected and
1:20 pm
through to malta instead of bombing people here. another jet that dropped its bombs in the ocean then the pilot ejected because they didn't want to kill people here. a lot of people are worried there might be a pilot or two who might say yes to that order. that is why nato's considering it. the big question is who would enforce it would that be u.s. air force jets? >> big issue indeed. nato and the u.n. debating this very issue right now. thank you very much. stephanie gosk. and up next, after years of silence on the bench, what got clarence thomas speaking up. and first lady michelle obama getting some high pro file help. first lady just taped a new announcement with the first couple of tennis as part of a new partnership with a united states tennis association. >> now, it's easier than ever to play an hour a day every day.
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the man who has not spoken in five years didn't hesitate to speak out this weekend. clarence thomas defended his wife's involve. in conservative politics. at a federalists society impose yum, thomas said his critics bent on undermining the supreme court. >> my -- some of you may know her, but the reason i bring that specifically up is there is a price to pay today for standing in defense of the constitution. you see people standing in defense of what's right. that you make sure that your voice is not remembered as one of the -- >> advice to law students.
1:25 pm
ken vogel joins us. interesting times he would choose this venue and speak about a very controversial issue. there's been a petition coming against his having -- against his wife having this involvement with the conservative political groups that she has been involved with. specifically because he did not rekuz himself from that landmark citizens united case, the case of course that decided on the mccain feingold law. >> that's right. in fact, while the supreme court was deliberating over this case, her group that she had started accepted more than $500,000 in anonymous contributions. the exact type of contributions that were allowed by this decision to be spent on political ads. so common causes said that that's a conflict. common cause is also focused on his attendance at this coke
1:26 pm
brothers donor conference in 2008. this is really an issue that plays well for democrats and liberals trying to make it an issue out of outside spending, sometimes corporate spending in campaigns and they found a real poster child to go after them. this is the first time we've heard anything from him in response to this criticism. the same day that coke, the same wealthy contributor in supporter scott walker and was played by a buffalo liberal reporter, someone with an agenda who pulled a frank on the governor as well. >> that's right. >> the brothers have become for liberals kind of what george soros is for lib reralliberals.
1:27 pm
trying make an issue for conservative money going into politics. the fact clearance thomas has spoke ton a conference organized by the brothers, the fact that his wife has accepted funding from anonymous contributions for a political group, those are all things that fit well into the messages that democrats are trying to push right now. >> thanks so much. on the supreme court justice getting vocal. thanks, ken. like the beard. >> thank you. coming up next, who's going to blink first in wisconsin? the standoff continues at the state house and is this a turning point for labor? and send me your thoughts. you can find me on twitter at mitchell reports. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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rain, hail and high winds battering states from texas to new york. tornado warnings in parts of kansas and missouri. firefighters in west texas say wildfires have burned through more than 110,000 acres near amarillo. at least 70 homes have been destroyed. a 5-year-old girl was killed sunday when heavy smoke caused an accident on i-20. a new warning concerning measles. people out those airports the same time and developed fever or other symptoms should contact their personal physician. charlie sheen p is speaking out for the first time. talking the jeff rossen about his drug use. >> a lot of your fans have been
1:32 pm
worried about you. >> i'm fine. always had a plan and i've executed it perfectly. >> how do you avoid slipping back? >> i won't do it. i won't believe i have to follow a certain path written for normal people. people that aren't special and have tiger blood. >> well. president obama is signalling his support for public employees as the fight over unions spreads to other states. in wisconsin, where the fight began, no outward signs that the battle over the governor's union bill will be resolved soon, but behind the scenes, there could be a compromise taking shape. mike taibbi is live in madison as he has been for 13 days and counting. what is the possibility of some sort of behind the scenes deal? >> a republican source told me
1:33 pm
he thinks the possibleties are better than 50/50. there are a number of moderate republicans. for a long time, those conversations are continuing. we were told by one source last night there are four waivering senate republicans who are either in support of the compromise proposed by dale schultz or might vote against the bill as submitted now by the assembly, the walker bill. if only two come over to his -- because the math is overwhelming for republicans. as weeks have gone on, some of these moderate republicans have heard from their constituents and relatives as well that they've gotten potential layoff notices and that was not supposed to happen according to what we're told. the governor represented the civil service protections would continue to provide even with the rollback of collective
1:34 pm
bargaining rights by the union. there was a little wobbling. one democratic senator told me about a half hour ago, we don't have a deal, but we're continuing to talk. that's what's happening now. the governor is expected to get this budget addressed tomorrow afternoon and he says if he doesn't have a deal in place by then, he'll start initiating the layoffs and as many as 12,000 by the end of the fiscal year june 30th. >> and mike, there was supposed to have a deadline to move the protesters out of the capital building, but decide ed to back down on that. is that still in play? >> certainly did not want to have to video go viral of a couple of hundred protesters be
1:35 pm
ca carried or dragged out, so they let them stay the night. there were about 75 early this morning. just a couple of dozen now. that whole protesters village thing that's been going on, unprecedented situation, is now pretty much dismantled. >> all right. thank you very much. i know you're going to stay on top of that. joining us now, andy stern, former head of the -- joins us. let's talk about publg unions and private sector unions and their rights and obligations as well. what do you say to taxpayers who say the unions should not be making these types of demands given the state budget? >> i think what the unions need to appreciate is what taxpayers and the governors do. we have a fiscal crisis. states need to get their budgets in order. everyone expects shared sacrifice. i think we're going to have the discussion that should have happened a long time ago that may bring about a resolution of
1:36 pm
this, but certainly forestalled anchors in other states. >> agreed that the unions in wisconsin have given back and that the governor is saying it's not good enough, only one year, they claim this is not a fiscal issue. this is a union busting issue. "the washington post" editorial, when a union makes demands of a private firm, is workers and owners can see there's a natural limb on how compensation can go. if compensation for workers is too high, it will force the firm to close. government workers can demand wages based on how much tax money is available with many servic services standing as monopolies, it's difficult for companies to shift. particularly with democratic officials and unions would often support democrats, the biggest single supporters to democratic pligs when they're running, what is said for any democratic
1:37 pm
elected official to say no? >> if you look at andrew cuomo and jerry brown, i think people are elected not to be democrats or republicans to be leaders. they have responsibleties. there's all kinds of interest groups. americans for liberty are unions that are going to be involved in the process and that's the nature of watching it here in washington. kind of ugly at times, but it has worked and is not, it needs to work again, but now, we're not in the situation about raises. about shared sacrifice. >> you don't really have a dog in this fight right now, so if you take a step back as former labor leader, but someone who's with the movement, you've got 14 democratic state senators. at some point if there are layoffs and more of a crisis at the state level, they are going to face a political hell to pay. >> i think in wisconsin, it may not end beautifully as i once said although it seems like it may end up better than i
1:38 pm
expected. i think we've seen people tail loring the response. they cannot be a legacy institution. i think the public sector, governors as well as union leaders, have not been as innovative as we need to be and i take complete responsibility myself. i think that's our future. >> at the labor movement has shrunk with the loss of manufacturing and traditional industries, public sector employees are a larger and larger proportion of organized labor and right now, it seems to be that they are in a real crisis of survival mode. >> i think what we've seen is the private sector really be decimated. we have an employer -- as way for people to share in the success. they did a fabulous job reducing unions to 6.2% of the private sector. there's a big business community
1:39 pm
who doesn't like unions and you have to give them credit. i don't think it's good for america or american people or the american workers, but they've been rather aggressive. >> however wisconsin turns out, how can public sector unions get ahead of the curve here? >> they have to fight for retirement security for every american. every article says people don't have enough retirement security. >> that's where all the unfended pension liability -- >> more defined contributions with annuities. they have to stand up against the pieces of the pension plans. we also can't have governors that don't put the money in that's necessary. >> and except the police and firefighters as wonderful as their work is, but just because they happen to be the -- >> pretty huge moment of change. about innovation. i think when it comes to
1:40 pm
retirement security in government, they have to be in as well as the unions. >> do you think the president has been too wimp pi on this? >> he was great today and in the beginning of it. i think he said the right thing, that if you look at teacher, the studies that people have done around the world say that getting the best people out of college in the highest quentile is what we need. >> pleasure talking to you. thanks very much. and british royalty ruling the 83rd annual oscar awards. "the king's speech" stole the show snagging four golden trophies last night. >> thank you to my wonderful actors, the triangle of man love. i'm only here because of you guys. i have a feeling my career's
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hi, everybody. scam artists impersonating soldiers to meet women and asking for money. also, today's gut check. a new orleans high school wants to bring back paddling as form of corporal punishment. all that and more coming up next on news nation.
1:45 pm
17 years ago today, 17 years ago today, the brady law went into effect. for the first time, gun owners were required to undergo a background check on all gun purchases. to the frustration of many, that law expired in 2008. it was named after white house secretary james brady who was shot march 30th, 1980 during an attempt on president reagan. the gunman brought his revolver at a texas pawnshop using a false address and outdated driver's license. he had undergone psych yatic care. paul is the president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence and joins me now. 17 years ago and very little action.
1:46 pm
>> clearly, we need to do more in this county tr. 30,000 people die from guns each year. 70,000 injured with guns. when you look at what happened in tucson, the guns going from this country to mexico, the number of police officers that have been shot, just this year alone. clearly, something needs to be done. we're continuing to push the white house. we believe what they said that the president will be addressing this issue. we're holding him to it. >> the reason they suggested that after the state of the union is we asked questions because there was no mention of gun control in the state of the union. >> we're continuing to ask those questions. the brady law shows that gun laws work. almost 2 million people have been stopped from buying guns because they do background checks now, but also shows why you need more. that's why we need to close the loophole, require private sellers to do background checks,
1:47 pm
too. that's why we need to redefine who's stopped with these so people who have violent misdee mean nors, need to be stopped. there is so much more that needs to be done that doesn't enfringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. but in order to do this, we're going to need leadership from the white house. >> this isn't just the wild and wooly west. anthony a and wyomirizona antho permit concealed weapons. there's a culture there. obviously a lot more hunting there. long tradition of hunting here in the east as well. but what do you do around the country in states where you have urban areas where guns are a huge part of the violence? >> gun owners need to realize that what we're talking about is not a threat to them. law-abiding citizens don't, this
1:48 pm
isn't going to hurt them. going through a background check doesn't stop the good guys. not having a 30-round ammunition magazine isn't something a good guy needs. the things we're talking about will make it harder for dangerous people to get guns. making sure we're not let l weapons of war, that the military uses, show up in the hands of civilians. that's what this country has done in the past. but we haven't done enough of it. that's not enough to keep us safe. >> and how does your effort and the amount of money you have as your disposal compare to the national rifle association? >> we are the smallest david next to one of the largest goliaths. they get money from the gun industry. we represent the people shot, the law enforcement officers that respond. this is why we need the american officials to step up. >> we're almost at the
1:49 pm
anniversary -- >> march 3rd. the 30th anniversary of president reagan and jim brady and two others being shot. we to call attention to the fact we haven't done enough since then to make all americans safe from gun violence. >> the chief of security at massey energy has been charged with two felonies stemming from the federal investigation into the april 2010 explosion in west virginia. a federal grand jury has indictmented -- on obstructing a federal investigation. the security chief is being charged with lying about claims he had personal before inspect r inspectors arrived. 29 coal miners were killed in the blast. the last american veteran of
1:50 pm
world war 1 has died. he served as an ambulance driver in england and france. buckles spent cent years making frequent trips to capitol hill for a memorial in washington. he died sunday at his home in west virginia. he was 110 years old. ing rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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break news the. the national weather service confirmed a tornado touched down in middle tennessee. the school was occupied at the time. no information on injuries at this time. and what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor and managing editor of chris cillizza joins us. are we talking about the wisconsin stand-off, the deadline? it seems to be hitting a crisis
1:54 pm
point tomorrow. >> yes. we've been talking about for a while, but a crisis point. scott walker's office, governor of wisconsin, putting out eight statement if we do not refinance the debt by tomorrow, we will lose 165 million. that is the budget deficit will get $165 million bigger. they can't refinance it until they pass what he's calling his budget repair bill, which of course is the bill that has state senators not wisconsin. it's hard to know how hard these deadlines are, andrea. talking about refinancing loans and that sort of thing. but this is clearly he is putting a marker down here and saying, this is a day we have to get things done by. now the democrats in the senate stat -- we haven't seen too much movement yet but we'll wait and see. this is $165 million, not an insignificant sum of money. >> at this stage, where do the politics fall?
1:55 pm
>> i wish i knew. i would say that neither side looks great. look, i think scott walker, we've talked about this before, scott walker was winning the argument politically for the first half of it. now that unions have made concessions and he's looking more ideological, like this is more about collective bargaining than balancing budgets more about union busting than balancing budget. on the other hand, most average people don't leave the state because they don't do that i. their job. it could be a lose/lose situation. >> a pox on all of your houses. thank you very much. not yours. >> gee, thanks. >> sorry. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." a special show tomorrow on the show, homeland security secretary janet napolitano joining us. the anniversary of the creation of the homeland security. follow the show online and on
1:56 pm
twitter@mitchell reports. good afternoon. coming up in the our next hour, president obama is about to sit down with the united nations secretary-general speak about crisis in libya. the u.s. sent the first aid to libyan protesters trying oust or moammar gadhafi. we're also going to take a look at how chaos in the middle easts affecting gas prices. they are soaring. also today, charlie sheen, that shocking interview, and why he says he's going to sue cbs for hundreds of millions of dollars. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. tough being the only girl. aw, there's the man of the house. who's this ? this is rufus. hey, rufus. he's actually pretty talented. you wanna see him do a trick ? ok. hey rufus. who do we love ? we love our bank.
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good afternoon. right now on "news nation" -- >> the people of libya have made themselves clear, it is time for gadhafi to go. >> hillary clinton pleading for the world of hole moammar gadhafi accountable, as new protests brake out in libya's capital and the u.s. moves some

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